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Srulik Einhorn

Srulik Einhorn leads Perception and conducts each project as an orchestra composed of the best professionals worldwide.


Chief Creative Director and Strategic Consultant - President Aleksander Vucic, and SNS’s parliamentary campaign.


A record of 191 seats in parliament. 

61.6%, a rise of 13.1% from 48.3% in 2016.

The greatest result ever in Serbian Parliamentary Elections.


2019 – 2020  

Chief Creative Director and Strategic Consultant, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud's campaign three consecutive elections to the parliament. 

Results: A record of 36 seats in parliament, Netanyahu's' highest ever result in 9 elections. 

1.3 million votes for Netanyahu, the highest number in Israel's' history. These achievements were through difficult circumstances;  candidate with indictment on three offenses, and a new opposition party headed by three former army chiefs.



Campaign Manager, Primaries, MK, and Minister for Social Equality Gila Gamliel, Likud.

Results: Building the Gila Gamliel brand, following which Mrs. Gamliel made it, for the first time after five primary elections, into the top ten,  reaching the designated number of votes – 30,000 compared with 23,000 votes in the last election.   



Senior Advisor of Public Opinion and Digital Media to Avigdor Liberman, Minister of Defense and Chairman of "Israel Beiteinu."

Results: Shaping the secular right-wing strategy that eventually led to 8 mandates in the recent election, despite predictions of not meeting the threshold. 



Global Visa Israel’s strategic advisor.



Co-Founder Allenby Concept House.

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