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Amir Adaki

Chief Of Content.


Leading content creator in both political and commercial fields.



Head Writer and Content Creator - President Aleksander Vucic, and SNS’s parliamentary campaign.


A record of 191 seats in parliament. 

61.6%, a rise of 13.1% from 48.3% in 2016.

The greatest result ever in Serbian Parliamentary Elections.



Head Writer and Content Creator - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud's campaign three consecutive elections to the parliament.

Results: A record of 36 seats in parliament, Netanyahu's' highest ever result in 9 elections. 1.3 million votes for Netanyahu, the highest number in Israel's history. These achievements were through difficult circumstances; candidate with indictment on three offenses, and a new opposition party headed by three former army chiefs.



Content Creator & Social Media Expert - Allenby Concept House.

Leading numerous commercial campaigns for Israel’s leading brands, such as Goldstar Beer, CheckPoint, Soda Stream, Reebok and more.

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